Details Of The Pipe Wrenches Used For

Pipe wrenches are required for installation or dismantling of pipe joints. Therefore, for these keys, their surfaces with which they work have “teeth”.

Tubular wrenches should always have moving parts in the lubricant, and “teeth” should be sharp. “Teeth” also need to be lubricated before storing the key, but the lubricant must be removed from them before working with the key.

On the market there are many different designs of keys that are designed to work with pipes and there are many uses of pipe wrenches.

Among this set of keys, the most common is a gas pipe wrench.

It happens to be designed in such a way as to wedge the round surface of any material and not let go. This key can be called universal, as in emergency situations it is not replaceable.

Therefore, people who work as plumbers never part with this key. Pipe wrenches used for rotate pipes, couplings, nuts, bolts.

The principle of operation of the lever key is very simple. A jam occurs between his lips and the pipe, which corresponds to it in diameter. In order to prevent the pipe from slipping out with a key, it is necessary that the jaws are on the opposite side of its diameter.

Otherwise, it can be said that the key pharynx covers most of the circumference of the pipe. After that, it is required to tighten the nut all the way into the existing leash.

When the nut begins to rotate, the movable lever of this tool will move in this direction until the jaws come in contact with the surface of the pipe.

After that, you need to squeeze the key levers with your palm and turn in the desired direction.

There is a kind of pipe wrench – this is a ring pipe wrench

It consists of only three parts.

The coupling bracket is connected to the nut using hinges. The shape of the nut is unusual. In the existing rod, a hole was drilled at an acute angle to the axis, which is located longitudinally. There is a bracket at the ends of the axis.

In the hole you can see a trapezoidal thread on which the nut is screwed and it is connected to the lever. Rotating the lever, you can set the size that matches the given pipe. In order to correctly set the size, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth of the lever are parallel to the teeth of the union nut.

This key is durable, convenient, if the pipe is installed at a distance from the objects that surround it at the point of capture, it is not necessary to remove the key after turning it.

Of course, in cramped conditions, it is difficult to work with this key. So knowing the proper use of pipe wrenches is crucial.