The Rising demand of welders in Canada

Welder is a sought-after profession in Canada. The capacities of the metallurgical industry in the country are growing rapidly, and therefore more workers are required.

Welding in demand in Canada and welder jobs are considered in construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and other fields. Salary depends on the experience, qualifications and size of the enterprise. Typically, this amount is $ 30-90,000 per year.

Vacancy welder – requirements for candidates

  • Work experience of 3 years (in most cases).
  • Education is a complete secondary minimum.
  • Knowledge of English is average.
  • Work visa – needed for official employment.

The profession of a welder is one of the most sought-after in Canada, especially in the province of Alberta, where it is subject to increased requirements and mandatory certification.

Experienced specialists in this field of activity are even given the opportunity to pre-register work visas and visas for permanent residence. Welders jobs are fairly easy to find in Canada even for newly immigrate to Canada as a welder.

There are many companies throughout the country involved in the field of engineering, metallurgy, and the production of various metal structures for buildings and bridges.

All of them constantly need qualified and experienced welders, who often have to work in difficult conditions, much work at height when building buildings.

The working week is usually 40 hours. All these difficulties are offset by high wages.

As for professional qualities, there are demand welders in Canada for, a welder in Canada should be able to control both manual welding equipment and semi-automatic and automatic, since modern technologies do not stand still and machines quickly replace manual work.

The duties of welders include soldering ferrous and non-ferrous metals. An experienced professional must be able doing this in an inert gas environment, under water, and weld pipelines under high pressure.

In Canada very appreciated by the specialists who can perform laser and gas cutting.

For work as a welder, full school education is enough. But beginners get access to production only after a special training at a vocational school.

There is also the possibility of Apprenticeship, that is, study at the workplace under the supervision of an experienced master. In this case, 2-3 years of study will be required.

A welder certificate is not required in most Canadian provinces (with the exception of Alberta), but employers prefer certified professionals. Receive such a document from The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).

You can find a job as a welder by numerous advertisements in the press and on the Internet. You can also work as Self-employed, providing their services in welding workshops. The salary of the welder depends on his professional qualities, the complexity of working conditions and ranges from $ 40,000 to $ 80,000.