Funny things to do on an airplane

People often get boring when they are immovable in same place with nothing to do and you can do new things and activities which can gives you more fun. Reading book is one of the best ways to do it on plane. If possible, you can bring magazine, book or newspaper from your home. At the same time you must keep your reading materials at easily available place throughout flight. Try to load your MP3 player or phone with music that you might listen without internet connection. You must bring your own earbuds or headphones. However airline is providing headphone but it is the low quality.

funny o an airplane

Things you can do it in airplane

If you are feeling bored then you can do plenty of things which can provide more fun and joy such as

  • Watch new series
  • Bring a book
  • Play game
  • Listen to podcast
  • Write postcards
  • Try journaling
  • Edit your instagram photos

look at the phone

Pick your desire television series show and download first season to your iPad. In case you are traveling with someone then you can bring compact game to the play in flight. When you are traveling alone, you can download free brain game app which is downloaded to your mobile game. Try to bring small set of the pencils and coloring book at your next flight. You can plan for the décor of your dinner party, home, work project or surprise party. Note down your thoughts from trip and keep your memories forever.

There is no better time to do meditation when you are stuck seated for the long time. Flying is providing more fun with cocktail and make sure that you have or order glass of the wine. You might not exactly work out on the plane but you might try desk side exercise and you may do it with little movements. You can bring your own snacks on plane in order to stay healthy. You can bring journal or notebook to write down experience of your trip or writ poem or story.

Plug headphone at your seat and choose TV shows, radio stations or movies to listen to or watch. People might also watch plane’s movement on map or other kinds of information about flight. Talk to other around you on plane whether you might know them or not which is really helpful to you.

Amazing ways to have fun on plane

Set challenge for yourself that you must to finish before plane lands at your destination. Lots of things, you can do it in plane such as learn ten new things about state, city or country which you are flying to, learn five name of people on plane that you might not know before and try each free beverage on beverage cart.

Try to do some research in online so that you can know about best things to do it in airplane. Download language learning program or software so you can learn about new language. Plenty of free apps are available in online like duolingo that is helpful for language learning more easily and fun.

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